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About Our Pastor

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Bradley D. Chamblee is a 35-year-old native of Alabama, hailing from the small rural area of Geneva County in the very small town of Coffee Springs. He is the husband of Rev. Tara Chamblee, who also is a pastor and together has two children, James, who is 6, and Anna, who is 5. Bradley has a self-described upbringing within the context of the church. After some formative years in college, seeking to figure out his future, Bradley accepted the call to ministry; first feeling led to the area of Music, as he was naturally gifted in this arena of life. He obtained a Bachelors of Contemporary Worship from the Baptist College of Florida in Graceville Florida but reconnected with his Methodist roots with his first job being at a local Methodist congregation at Hartford FUMC as the Music Director. During his tenure there, along with meeting what would become his future wife, Bradley reconnected fully to his Methodist roots, dived deeper into the life of ministry, and found God leading him into pastoral ministry.  While serving as a pastor, husband, and father, Bradley received his Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary, then most recently receiving his Doctorate in Ministry with a focus in Church Revitalization from Liberty University. He has a heart for missions, helping people, teaching, and stresses the grace of God in a turbulent world. A few of his gifts and graces include his musical ability to read music as well as play the piano, saxophone, drums, guitar, as well as being classically, vocally trained. He also has two years of computer training during his undergraduate and is an avid technology enthusiast, especially how it can complement and help the general church thrive in its mission and purpose. He also is a lover of Science Fiction, Music, Video Games, and a lover of all things mission.

Meet Our Staff


Mike Barker

Lay Leader

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Valerie Dickson


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Emma Holm


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Tucker Paul

A/V Technician

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